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If the millstone is grinding fine, then it must be level.
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That what is your evidence?
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Hi, has James noticed I'm here? ??
Gardakree 04.04.2018
And there are subsets of socialism.
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Meant to say I AM implying that Christianity and Judaism don't practice what they preach, that they do not understand or teach it accurately.
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thats because you threw the number too hard :P
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One day you are telling us Christianity is a story book tale, the next day you defend the story of Jesus as reality. Interesting.
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Hmm. No. Another incorrect reading. 80% of the scientists who mentioned Dawkins expressed negative opinions about him.
Gardara 30.04.2018
That's messed up that they would even swap the gender of animals back then. Boycott. I am so not watching reruns now.
Gujin 01.05.2018
Like liberal sanctuary supporters claiming to be patriotic Americans???

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