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Federally, the age of consent is 14. Do you think that means no state can set age of consent above 14?

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Husband and wife share a dick
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Dozil 12.05.2018
He looks like a Rump sandwich.
Jura 14.05.2018
Just watching SkySpeed and Murpf and the other presenter just made a borderline racist comment about Formula 1 drivers nowaday. Murpf said during a conversation that all the other Formula 1 drivers beside Alonso have no character and are a bit vanilla. The other said except Hamilton, Hamilton is not vanilla... ????
Mojar 21.05.2018
In your dreams, Pancho.
Mikarn 23.05.2018
I didn't say it was only christians, but in this case, he's using christian based argument.
Teramar 29.05.2018
Yes it does, but it doesn't do it in a literal way.
Femi 05.06.2018
And what is hypocritical? I?ve said nothing to the contrary of what I have stated here
Kajikinos 15.06.2018
Not like you are describing
Gugore 19.06.2018
I don't despise myself.

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