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As I finished this thought, I felt a hand grasp my hip and a cold pressure against my exposed ass. John slowly eased forward and I felt his cock enter my ass. John grabbed my other hip and pulled me onto his cock. I felt every inch enter my ass and then his balls come to rest against mine.

I reached round and felt John's belly against my ass. John pulled back and started to fuck my ass, harder and faster. Slapping my ass, I had difficultly staying on all fours and I sank face first into the carpet.

With my ass arched, John took a swig grip and rode my ass.

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It's ok, I've seen this happened a few times before.

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Arkansas swing clubs
Arkansas swing clubs
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I'm sick of adulting. Let's be kids again lol
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It?s cool I kinda understand why he replied that way to me.
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Tat 11.08.2018
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Well, that was fast.

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