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John said nothing but I heard him open the condom packet and heens his cock. I looked up at the door and had a sudden thought that someone may walk in.

As I finished this thought, I felt a hand grasp my hip and a cold pressure against my exposed ass. John slowly eased forward and I felt his cock enter my ass. John grabbed my other hip and pulled me onto his cock.

I felt every inch enter my ass and then his balls come to rest against mine. I reached round and felt John's belly against my ass.

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That would throwing pearls to swine. I need not prove anything to you. Only God can prove Himself ? and He does so only to those He predestined as His own.
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Yeah I hope so too, but I doubt it will happen. It took me forever to find my first good one.
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To hell with hell. :-)
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Are you really "all man", or were you just making that up for attention?

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