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You are playing with semantics. I said "Nazism is a fairy tale" -- that means Nazism's claims are utter nonsense -- not that Nazism never existed.

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Jenni Greggs hand work
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Sakasa 20.03.2018
Everybody have a good day.
Bajinn 21.03.2018
Oh dang dude! I just realized that was you. It?s been a while. I hope you?re doing good.
Kagagul 25.03.2018
Yes science is neutral on the existence of the supernatural which is why both atheists and theists can do science.
Tesho 30.03.2018
You have many can boycott...criticize them publicly...(like you are doing)..whatever you want.
Araran 02.04.2018
Bring in the goat. That'll sort something... :-)))
Shaktikinos 06.04.2018
One would think if one was running an incredibly profitable BUSINESS one would pay taxes like the rest of the BUSINESSES.......if one were thinking.....
Memi 12.04.2018
"expect reality to fundamentally alter"

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