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With my ass arched, John took a firm grip and rode my ass. I ended up face first on the floor with my cock pinned against me.

John straddled my legs and fucked harder and faster; his breath came faster and louder. Suddenly John, with his hands on my back and shoulders, thrust his cock balls deep into me and cry "yeh".

I lay there, pinned under John and with his cock in me. John stood up and his cock pulled out of my ass; leaving it stretched, sore and I started to try to take in all the sensations of my first suck and fuck.

As John headed to the bathroom, I felt a warmth ooze from my ass; I immediately thought I'd bled at being stretched. I reached back and felt the liquid coming from my ass and I realized John had just ridden my bareback and dumped his cum in my ass. I lay there; used, fucked and ridden as John's cum oozed from my ass over my balls.

I thought I'd be furious, as I'd been clear about wanting safe fun; yet it only added to my feeling of having been slutily used and ridden by this man.

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Don't sow fear. Fear is from the evil one. And you don't want to be the source of it. God said that everything needs to be tested first. And what is found to be Good should be accepted. So you need to proof now that a child giving birth to other children and then reject the baby is a good thing. Or does God's Children deserve better. Or even more. Did God provide for something better or did He overlook it?

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Contact us Brunette Teen Gets Black
Contact us Brunette Teen Gets Black
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Faura 24.03.2018
You are playing with semantics. I said "Nazism is a fairy tale" -- that means Nazism's claims are utter nonsense -- not that Nazism never existed.
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What a topic
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Free speech works well in a civil society. Sadly, our society has lost its notions of propriety & civility. Don't misunderstand, please: I enjoy & support the right to free speech. But like anything we value, we should police our own tendencies to abuse it.

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