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I lay there, pinned under John and with his cock in me. John stood up and his cock pulled out of my ass; leaving it stretched, sore and I started to try to take in all the sensations of my first suck and fuck.

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I lay there; used, fucked and ridden as John's cum oozed from my ass over my balls.

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Anne FARRIS naked on set
Anne FARRIS naked on set
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Voodoozil 23.07.2018
please use common sense: men with men / woman with woman = the minute you make something normal that is not ever suppose to be you now have opened the door to ever other immorality imaginable which is already happening - pedophilia, being whatever sex you think you are and being allowed to act upon those irrational thoughts at any age, marrying however many people you want, etc. The minute you normalize ONE immoral unnatural sinful human desire you have opened the box to them ALL! thank you satan for causing the fall of humanity but thank you Jesus for allowing us a second chance
Vojind 31.07.2018
Allowing isn't accepting though. There's a reason God allows stuff.
Voodoolar 01.08.2018
As long as you aren't insulting someone and are inside of an abortion related thread speaking your mind (which is on topic) then I don't see why you would be banned.
Shakagrel 10.08.2018
Me breaking it down on the dance floor while on the job
Kajigor 11.08.2018
That's the nature of grey...wonder if that might contribute to an accurate view (no rose colored glasses, or anything else) with a somewhat depressive effect possibly (?)
Kazralkis 13.08.2018
I mean, she is the woman.... Soooooo
Nejas 20.08.2018
Pardoning Black Panthers, Fast & Furious, lying about Obamacare and shovel ready jobs and wasting trillions of dollars, politicizing the FBI/CIA, losing a war already won, letting the IRS target groups not friendly to Obama, spending 100 million dollars on vacations for family and hangers on. That?s enough for now.
Dizshura 26.08.2018
Apples and oranges. And not paying attention to what the Bible says would go against the OP anyway, regarding CHRISTIAN marriage.
JoJole 30.08.2018
The internet wouldn?t be so bad, I may confess to couple of some of you found it. But otherwise, deny till I die. Lmao!
Kazrat 03.09.2018
Oh I often get credit for it but that is ok. In the end it is just Disqus

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