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Not according to many experts, if you can prove something is normal course of business then it's done regardless if there's a election or not, it will be hard to prove it's done to mislead just because there was a election.

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ARANCHA amoedo naked video
ARANCHA amoedo naked video
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Voodookus 22.03.2018
Yes, creation requires a creator. The point of the OP is that the laws of physics preclude either a perpetual universe or a universe that created itself.
Doukora 26.03.2018
Dcleve I do not usually think in terms of eternity nor do o remember debating matters of eternity.
Goltitaxe 28.03.2018
2. Hillary committed some crime somewhere but we just cant find any evidence to get an indictment. The retired grandmother is just so much smarter and more powerful than all the conservatives in power .

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