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He was in his late 40's and there wasn't much information on his profile. He started asking who I was looking for and we got chatting, and in hindsight I was probably doing all of the talking.

What got me hot, what I thought I was looking for. He introduced himself as John, and explained that he worked nights at a hotel and was both bored and horny.

He suggested that I Shavwd over and help relieve his boredom. John had still not told me much about himself but he'd succeeded in making me horny, and a bit reckless. I had been talking up what I would love to try and didn't want to back down now. I agreed to come over and meet him. I found the hotel, one of those ex-country house hotels; very up market and not easy to find.

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True. One more biblical mixed message. OK for Jesus to drink wine, but don't you do it. ;)

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Kagalrajas 07.05.2018
"...its supposed history as a powerful warring nation... The Hebrews may have existed, but not as a warring nation rampaging through the fertile crescent defeating major nations and the like..."
Kazrall 09.05.2018
Well, that was fast.
Nigis 15.05.2018
That GOP is long gone; replaced by nut job conspiracy theorists and corrupt opportunists.
Dasida 24.05.2018
Yes, a baby is only a baby when it passes through the birth canal, whether you like it or not. Now spare us your argument from incredulity and explain why should I forget what the dictionary tells me.
Kagagar 01.06.2018
"Russian Trolls Promote And Politicize Story of Murdered Iowa Woman As Trump Fallout Continues"
Yok 09.06.2018
You are assuming that people of faith are always hitting on one note only. I have never stood my children in a corner and demanded they believe as I do. I present what I believe. They go to church with me and learn what I've learned. At some point in their lives they begin to question and think for themselves, work out their own game plan. I lead until they can pick up on their own.
Kall 14.06.2018
Soooo, you didn't bother to actually listen to the recording? Please go back to my point #2:
Mikabei 23.06.2018
I'm ahead of you here, Bro.
Mezijin 29.06.2018
The same thing that happened to Krypton, honestly.
Shakabar 08.07.2018
Obama's campaign got fined for not reporting contributions within 48 hours, which is a misdemeanor. They paid their fine and cleaned up their reporting. Trump conspired to commit campaign finance fraud, which is a felony.

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