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John told me to come closer while he removed his tie and suit jacket. As I stepped in front of him, John removed his suit trousers and folded them and placed his clothes carefully on the bed. John stood in front of me in his shirt, boxers and socks; I suddenly realised how real this was, that I was about to see another guys cock in the flesh for the first time.

John told me to "come here" and I stepped forward. John kissed me again, hungrily and manly; I felt consumed by John's mouth and hands. John had grasped my ass through my jeans and squeezed firmly.

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Pornstar lay OI
Pornstar lay OI
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Mikall 21.05.2018
Good to see you're having fun outside of kindergarten.
Moogum 31.05.2018
See I may have misundertood what you were saying. ?? ??
Yozshugal 06.06.2018
Just put a speedo or jock strap be ok ????????????
Nekora 13.06.2018
If he's gay, he should change parties. Same as if he's straight.
Shakajinn 16.06.2018
Most Christians accept evolution.
Munos 24.06.2018
Petty! So Jesus, being god, can destroy a person's living with no consequences. Your problem is that you refuse to face up to anything negative about Jesus.
Taular 30.06.2018
Yes the sauce is on the top of the cheese..its delicious
Dolabar 10.07.2018
Yeah after a few posts. It was mere deflection though. Why not just provide some examples like was asked, instead of being childish?
Bakree 13.07.2018
I do think a significant benchmark was reached on that day (I think it was Nov 8th, but... I'd have to recheck)
Arashir 16.07.2018
None of those answer the question asked though.

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