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You know what? There is a Shithole channel that posted some very negative things about Senator McCain and they praise Trump on a daily basis. You should check them out because you would fit right in.

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Wedge strip linseed oil
Wedge strip linseed oil
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Zulkilabar 07.03.2018
Dark Night Rises
Mauzahn 11.03.2018
Hmm. No. Another incorrect reading. 80% of the scientists who mentioned Dawkins expressed negative opinions about him.
Doll 13.03.2018
Part of the reason for the lack of outrage is that Trump advocates a pathogenic misogynist patriarchy. The Evangelicals who support him follow hundreds of years of chauvinism. The chauvinism is a result of insecurity. The next stage of human evolution requires us to recognize and remedy this flaw.
Zulkicage 18.03.2018
How many toes do u have?
Masida 24.03.2018
And Adam 'Autumn' Scardina made the conscious decision to announce the reason for it.
Vumi 30.03.2018
Did you hear from God? Does he sound exactly like Morgan Freeman?

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