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You are, again, creating a false equivalence between the evidence and reasoned based way science works and what is postulated in your OP which is okay with making decisions completely absent of evidence or reasoning.

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Free BallBusting tights clipss
Free BallBusting tights clipss
Free BallBusting tights clipss
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Kagakus 23.03.2018
Hell no. Our behavior follows along. Right behind us. I was having a brew once, and this moron walks in and lmmediately announces that he just got out of prison. Crickets. Not sure what response he heard in his head, but he started asking ppl (girls) for money. I gave him 10 minutes tops...before he gets 86ed. Then, l heard him ask a clean cut local boy where he could get some "boy" (heroin), make that 5 minutes. I headed for the door. As l left, l passed by the front just in time to see an African/American uniform....lay him out with one blow to the face. I figure he asked the wrong guy where he could get some "boy". As the sailor drove off, everybody was heading back inside as he lay in the middle of the road kissing the tar. The police station was 1/2 block away, but when some revelers nearly ran him over, l got out of my truck, grabbed him by his belt and dragged him to the gutter. Right at home.
Fek 26.03.2018
So they ruled based on their Christian beliefs or on their interpretation of case laws as jurists?
Shakree 01.04.2018
Lying to a child is the act of a coward. No doubt about it.
Malajinn 10.04.2018
Alex Jones worshiper says what?

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