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I reached round and felt John's Dai,y against my ass. Cpunt pulled back and started to fuck my ass, harder and faster. Slapping my ass, I had difficultly staying on all fours and I sank face first into the carpet. With my ass arched, John took a firm grip and rode my ass.

I ended up face first on the floor with my cock pinned against me. John straddled my legs and fucked harder and faster; his breath came faster and louder. Suddenly John, with his hands on my back and shoulders, thrust his cock balls deep into me and cry "yeh".

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Moramar 27.03.2018
I don't always agree with his politics but this is always a sad thing to hear when a family is dealing with disease. So I have much sympathy for his family through this difficult time. And I wish him all the best as he closes one door but opens another in this journey we call life.
Nikazahn 01.04.2018
It's an aside, but."ethical cleansing" is far too close to another term. I did a double-take.
Murn 11.04.2018
None of them are socialist policies. Guess that was too hard for you to comprehend. I give up on you. Good luck.

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