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What abusers, what evidence do you have to support your conspiracy theory? It falls apart at the simplest of truth, Comet Pizza doesn't even have a basement!

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Attacks hairy mature hairy solo
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Melkis 09.08.2018
Fantasies like the ones where someone believes the entire earth and the universe simply created itself? Yes. I agree.
Kegor 15.08.2018
So because you refuse to accept the transition, they should looking exactly like a woman in every way, walk into a men's locker room?
Yobei 16.08.2018
Jesus Christ, a character in the Christian Bible?
Gomuro 18.08.2018
Why does anyone need its help? Send a couple of FBI agents and brigs him to the justice.
Dugis 22.08.2018
Gotta tell it. this blasted thread is the greatest memory jogger.
Mikagul 28.08.2018
Ok, well I guess all I can ask is you judge me on how you see me moving on, sorry someone made you sad but I honestly know nothing about it, that's why I was confused I thought I was missing the point of some sort of joke
Barn 01.09.2018
it's the fault of the employee. period, this is america and the opportunities are endless.
Mejar 03.09.2018
There's nothing that proves that your statement is true to begin with.... LOL! ... and you now just confirmed that.
Tugar 07.09.2018
My closest Disqus friend lives there!
Mejind 11.09.2018
what part of WE ALREADY SPEND ENOUGH was not clear in your rightie mind?

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