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I stepped into the fanciest bedroom I've ever been in and John half closed the door, explaining that he needed to listen out for the phone at reception.

John stepped to the side of the four poster bed and sat on the side; I stood, half in the room and frozen. John told me to come closer while he removed his tie and suit jacket. As I stepped in front of him, John removed his suit trousers and folded them and placed his clothes carefully on the bed.

John stood in front of me in his shirt, boxers and socks; I suddenly realised how real this was, that I was about to see another guys cock in the flesh for the first time.

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I'll certainly take all that to heart.

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Dit 12.08.2018
If you don't believe, I'm not sure why you would bring up points you think to be false either way.
Zuluzil 19.08.2018
I'm dehydrated too. Let's help each other out.
Nikokree 24.08.2018
I'm one of them, awwww
Dourg 03.09.2018
So now the left are saying no one can be President unless they served in Vietnam ...a war the democrat voters venomously opposed and a great many democrats burned their draft cards refusing to serve..
Zulut 05.09.2018
:::Pssssst - everyone else say Mrs GreenLantern, too and watch Mr.G turn into Greeneyed-Lantern Monster::::
Nemi 06.09.2018
Hope you are OK in your state:P
Arar 16.09.2018
I guess sex > germophobia.

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