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The largest sperm whale ever found
The largest sperm whale ever found
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Toshicage 15.03.2018
"2 Truths 1 Lie?" Lemme think, gotta get pencil and paper....
Dairn 22.03.2018
Good boy for learning .. lol
Zulucage 28.03.2018
It's the Christians who are armed with lots of guns, and they use them to kill anyone that they don't like.
Zulkizil 02.04.2018
Ahh you say that then this will be used as prime evidence somewhere down the line ??
Kegor 10.04.2018
Crime is crime. Mueller didn't bring the case against Cohen, genius.
Yozshut 18.04.2018
Which Would you Rather Be The Engine or The Caboose Of a Train, and why.
Mukora 26.04.2018
My race at Windsor was cancelled this morn. Bloody hell. Worked all day on the kart. Insurance politics.Slightly damp track, slicks, 7hrs, got myself so pumped..

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