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Gee... and here I was reading this channel where insults are removed and called what they are... But I guess that's only when the insults don't mesh into some of the moderators' thinking? Where are you Andrew? Gonna do your job?

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Yodal 03.04.2018
Assuming it was possible, do you think that Religion should separate itself from the mundane world and maybe create a "Jesus State" in space where everyone waits for his return without the need to "save everyone".
Arashijar 04.04.2018
#7 Not downloaded but my previous cat pic
Netaur 07.04.2018
It was a tragedy what happened to that young lady. When her mother said she wanted her family to be given privacy in their time of grief, you would think that Trump would be gracious enough to respect her wishes. Instead, he wants to keep it in the news for two and a half months. The epitome of selfishness and insensitivity. Of course his pseudo-masculine mind convinces him and some of his sad followers that it is more important to be tough than to show empathy for a grieving family.
Gardazil 17.04.2018
Well it is in the headline...
Shakazil 18.04.2018
I'm outraged that A) our government officials work hard to keep our borders open and keep illegals in our interior, and B) our government officials think that Trump-bashing is more important than the illegal aliens they love so much murdering American citizens.
Yozshut 28.04.2018
1. It doesn't. It cannot explain anything since it isn't formulated as a testable theory.
Yozshurn 30.04.2018
Jesus said after he left he would send a Councilor. On the day of Pentecost hundreds witnessed the return of the Spirit to men. Peter, in the Spirit, professed that believing and being baptized would provide you with the Spirit.
Goltisar 03.05.2018
Sounds like Piggy Park.
Voodoolkis 13.05.2018
Why people like you insist on bullying trans people to death.
Grogul 23.05.2018
They were accurate for his time and who he was writing to. They were literal guidance though and not rules for eternity.

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