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Pathetic message you have to be bankrupt to believe.

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Scarlet red haze
Scarlet red haze
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Kazraktilar 25.03.2018
How did he speak to adam? well first he dropped his trousers and presented his hind parts coz thats the only bit the bible says you can gaze at and not go stark raving bonkers. then add some googly eyes , one per cheek, and a magic marker mustache then presto! it was either that or sock puppet theater.
Kiganos 26.03.2018
Yep, solid fact.
Mikashicage 29.03.2018
Not just fact-checking sites, the entire idea of the existence of facts are evil in the eyes of conservatives. Remember, the truth isn't the truth.
Grolkree 05.04.2018
There wasn't an original sin! This was a clever fabricated story to enslave the human mind in a perpetual fear and repent for the alleged original sin so that the priesthood could manipulate the disciples easier. If you read the Gospel of Magdalene, which is of Gnostic origin as all the original Gospels (read Nag Hammadi scriptures), you will understand everything; Gospel of Magdalene: "What is the sin of the world? The teacher replied: There is no sin. You are those who make sin happen when you act according to your nature's habits" copied from the Greek philosophers
Tabei 12.04.2018
Unfortunately lots of retirees today had their pensions taken and even if they got into a 401k, it was late.
Zuramar 14.04.2018
Typical GOP response. It is all the fault of the "little woman."
Voodoogor 16.04.2018
God is so wise he thinks that the best way to punish a Pharaoh is to kill all the children.
Zulusho 18.04.2018
The latex will block the sun out. No problem there! The only question is: What kind of 'clothing' are you going to paint on me?
Kagataxe 22.04.2018
Haha I am crazier than u, that's why I find easy talking to fun people like u, and when I talk like this it makes them feel I have known them since long ;)

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