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Shakticage 26.03.2018
Got anyone more recent? Like Hawking, Dawkins, Sagan, Ramakrishnan, Tysson.......etc? Or are you gonna cling to the relics.
Tygolmaran 04.04.2018
Kurt is apparently now working on a spin off about the Mayans, but rumor has it he is going to do a SoA series two with Chibs, Tigg and the rest of the boys.
Shakak 07.04.2018
I kneel in my living room during the anthem to bring attention to police brutality in our country.
Dozahn 13.04.2018
You mean a Trump supporter who will hide everything under the table.It is not Billions it?s millions, so tighten your jock strap and go with the program. Trump by the way is toast....that will make your day????.
Akigore 15.04.2018
what power has gone unchecked? what rule of law has he been immune to?
Mara 22.04.2018
The lawyers who committed crimes having nothing whatsoever to do with Trump, now want to get leniency by telling lies against Trump, They are told, "Give us Trump and we'll go easy on you." That is the truth. They have nothing on Trump so they have to make up stories. Fiction is what Left specializes in.

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