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The scientific method is currently the only methodology we know of for eliminating human bias. I would love to know a reason for why this 'creator' would exist. We know that our brain is the command center for micro cells to function on the macro level. What type of cells is this deity made of? Why would their cells need a conscious experience in contrast to plants and most of life? I can not even begin to understand that position because it lacks a premise.

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Dont get audacity
Dont get audacity
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Nikorg 29.07.2018
By the Stalin standard (BTW, Stalin was not an American), you are correct.
Arabar 06.08.2018
Dangit....public spelling is the downfall of many an engineer...
Doktilar 09.08.2018
I have not dated for over 27 years and the internet did not exist when I was dating
Kazisho 12.08.2018
Research has found that attempted suicide rates and suicidal ideation among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth is often significantly higher than among the general population
Maunris 18.08.2018
I'm doing good, a lot more rested up today.
Dolmaran 24.08.2018
Like global warming? Or Darwin's theory? Or Bohr's interpretation of quantum mechanics?
Tekora 30.08.2018
Did I claim, at some point that science = scientism?
Fenrishura 08.09.2018
First, it's a minority of Christians who "honor him as such." Second, it wouldn't really matter if all Christians "honored him as such."
Moran 16.09.2018
Atheist do not accept the theistic claim that God exist.
Vujas 16.09.2018
I understand that to claim prayer doesn't work simply because something does not happen that has never been demonstrated to happen is a claim that has no basis.

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