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Why stop at politicizing this issue for only immigration? I'm sure they can somehow use it to justify another round of tax cuts...maybe sell some federal land to private interests. How about the "need" for guns in the hands of teachers? Might as well blame it on the 17 angry Dems, the Deep State, Obama, Crooked H, and Boogeyman Soros too.

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Zulurg 17.03.2018
Being more "equal" for women is also completely the reason nobody wants to live a good married life or have children today in America. It's all about doing what feels good in the moment and saying that's what men's lives are like so why can't we have that too, but my dad always says he doesn't have a single responsibility less than my mom and me so how are men getting so much more in reality?
Fegami 19.03.2018
Bad and forbidden
Gobei 21.03.2018
Angry sex is a good
Vuzuru 22.03.2018
Yes, school is very important. How are your grades??
Goll 23.03.2018
Neither did I.
Gabei 31.03.2018
And so deserved!
Yorg 06.04.2018
Or... "If it were me, I would..."
Shazshura 07.04.2018
that too is very well defined in the Bible.

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