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No we were sick a week later. It may be true that the vaccine afforded me some protection. I don't know. Still as we age they are less effective.

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Mature amateur granny stockings
Mature amateur granny stockings
Mature amateur granny stockings
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Kazimi 25.03.2018
Um, thanks for your input (?).
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I recognize no God. Nor, as a Canadian, the American Constitution.
Gardakus 05.04.2018
Evidence does not matter to those who wish to believe or have a psychological need to believe. Most religious folks have a ready answer to mysteries in that an omnipotent god can make anything at all happen and that the devil is here on earth with powers to deceive us and make us believe what is contrary to the holy books. Foolproof reasoning if one is a true-believer.
Akinozil 06.04.2018
If a bullet ricochets off a wall and hits you, did you get shot? I would say so.
Vozshura 09.04.2018
I would have to say Run.
Diramar 10.04.2018
Psst hey April? You should read this when you get a chance since you write and like to read yourself :U
Mule 16.04.2018
Your name change is freaking me out. Cool, though...
Voodoolmaran 23.04.2018
I think that the realisation that God does not cause amputees to grow new limbs was the final nail in the coffin of any kind of faith that I might have developed. That would be a miracle we couldn't explain with scientific reasoning.
Tygozshura 02.05.2018
Good Night! see you Soon <3
Fekora 06.05.2018
You defend homophobia and transphobia in your posts. That leads to lynchings, FYI.

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