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Climbimg swinging naked sex photos
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Its just one of the many man created myths that atempted to explain the reality they lived in.
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So? That obviously isn't the point I have made in response to other thoughts. Funny how a conversation can sometimes take surprising turns, isn't it?
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?strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion?
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Well, I'm thinkin' poor Scotty had a problem with women. As you noted, he's often near-yelling - "I canna do it!! I got to have 45 minutes!!!"; obviously an ED problem and whatever Bones gave him for it takes awhile to kick in.
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Anything can be an obsession. But just because some are obsessed with something, that doesn't necessarily mean the thing itself is obsession inducing. Except maybe drugs.
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If we are supposed to take the Constitutional literally, then why do we need a Supreme Court to interpret how it applies?
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Typical con. What does that have to do with your ridiculous claim that government employees make "double" ?
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You just explained how 95% of people make decisions. The problem or issue is when your actions or beliefs are out of proportion to the evidence. If there is 15% threat possibility is it reasonable to lock your self in a safe room and only interact with the outside world via a computer and a small door for food? Most are well aware that everytime they get into their cars there is the possibility of an accident but they also know the odds are high that it will happen especially if they follow good driver practices. The truth is that the more you drive the greater the odds you get in an accident.

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