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Heck, most have forgotten the mainstream media's role over the last 35 years. I had to re-read the era before 1994 from history. And I have watched how the wingnut rightwing of that mainstream silenced spineless Democrats into believing that they were

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Watching the wife get big dick bisexual
Watching the wife get big dick bisexual
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Migis 27.08.2018
I am not familiar with her
Shalkree 02.09.2018
A beautiful life taken. Yet knuckle-draggers scrape on. Granted their lives will be pathetic and meaningless......but still.
Arashira 08.09.2018
Sounds like you're already projecting your grief over the impending loss of trump. Boo hoo.
Dairamar 12.09.2018
Daughters, in general, are good reason to start drinkin' - or get on ulcer medicine! Or both.

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