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A stranger told me about her husband's infidelities and used names in describing her children and all parties involved. So she was like "Jim just stood there in the hallway like the idiot he is" and by the end of her rantings, I hated Jim

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Black tgirl ass babes
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Maurn 17.03.2018
I wish you the best Peter!
Tataur 23.03.2018
Didn't look, i53s clear you will always think its not a hoax, no matter what
Zulugore 28.03.2018
Looks like Nala grew up
Tanos 31.03.2018
there is nothing inherently wrong with unsolicited advice.
Gakree 05.04.2018
Humans have now a better understanding of cosmology than the writers of the Bible. Do explain why we should search for knowledge in a book in which cosmology is as in the images below.
Yozshulmaran 14.04.2018
Better! You stayed away from honesty and integrity. Where your Trumyness has no chance
Mazuran 16.04.2018
Good Lord. You have no evidence of "collusion"" (except for by Hillary.) What the hell is wrong with you people? You like live in an imaginary world where truth and facts don't matter. Get a grip.
Zulkizuru 21.04.2018
Actually your apologizing for the terrorist who killed Heyer can be used in Tibbets' case just the same. She was the victim of an act of aggression and she knew the potential for something bad to happen to her if she went running alone at night.
Akinolabar 24.04.2018
I agree both that there are some women who lie about rape and that it makes actual rape victims worse off.
Mebar 04.05.2018
Agreed. I would love to know before I shuffle off :-)

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