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You mean the god whom you claim to know so much about, but can't prove to exist.

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Tele 22.06.2018
The original request is perfectly clear in every regard.
Kigak 27.06.2018
Well that isn't what your own source says, but nice attempt to misrepresent the data.
Faedal 04.07.2018
Glad that Pres Trump has asked Sec of State Pompeo to look into it. The following report was compiled by Afriforum and TAU SA in April 2017. Trust but verify:
Mugar 13.07.2018
I?m going to look it up later today
Guktilar 15.07.2018
What did you get?
Nikogis 18.07.2018
The article is a total fabricated delusional load of hogwash. But considering the source, to be expected.
Voodoojas 20.07.2018
America does not have a gun problem. 99% of guns just like to lay around and to be kept cleaned and oiled. America has a human problem.
Malataxe 23.07.2018
Weird how those don't actually prove there's life after death. Only that the brain wasn't fully dead and was still somewhat active when the lights were turned back on.
Zulkigar 31.07.2018
Is string theory imaginary?

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