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Not according the Senate report. Jill Stein and the Hillary campaign were made to look like idiots in the 3 state recount. The reason for the recount was alleged Russian hacking of the voting machines. The State of Michigan uses 100 percent paper ballots.

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Amateur Ab showed
Amateur Ab showed
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Nerr 17.05.2018
Dude, the cleverness is genius. Salt kills slugs, yet the salt was able to get the slugs to rally for him. Then you announce that it?s a Trump rally making the association that Trump is the salt, and the slugs are the deceived Trump constituents. Amazing. Are you in the third grade, or fourth? I only ask because you may not be old enough to know that would be more appropriate for Barack Obama and his constituents. Obama practically bragged about making unpopular decisions on a regular basis (which means that he does things the majority don?t want, being more fitting for your pathetic and childish analogy.)
Akinok 18.05.2018
Mueller(BLESSED BE HIS NAME!) is diligently working, and when he is ready, he will do as he sees fit- and I'm glad that I have some good popcorn...
Kajijind 21.05.2018
Luck has nothing to do with it??
Tenris 29.05.2018
bad back........................low profile for a while...............:(

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