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There was more than one? (j/k! I don't know which one. Guessing the first one...)

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Pornstar horse Holt
Pornstar horse Holt
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Lol maybe :p
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Aww rip paul
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Personally I am amazed that pretty much every political discussion in the US currently boils down to ?yeah, but your guys are so much worse.? That is the sad thing.
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Lance, NT is my field, & so I'm well aware that we (1) all read through the lenses of our personal perspectives & experiences, & (2) all take verses out of context, & (3) use one part of a book or even the whole bible to justify/interpret another part. No one can fully avoid the first problem. But the other 2 can be curtailed, w/ care.
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You can have Bill's cigar back to suck on after Obama's done with it:
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You're apparently pretty lazy...
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You offered an explanation... you're not providing one, but are prevaricating on the meaning of "quickly."

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