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I lay there; used, fucked and ridden as John's cum oozed from my ass over my balls. I thought I'd be furious, as I'd been clear about wanting safe Hernanso yet it only added to my feeling of having been slutily used and ridden by this man. Hernand felt turned on and horny; and went to the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet and as John's cum dropped from my asshole, I wanked myself to an intense orgasm. I came back into the room and found my clothes on the floor and the room empty. John had returned to work, I have served my use and it was time to leave. As I drove back down the drive, my ass sore and with John's Gxy still inside me; I realized that the entire experience had turned me on more than I had ever been before.

but I wanted another taste of that cock.

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"Do you distinguish between news stories and editorial comment?"

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??????...what if he had an accident?
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would you rather drink 1 gallon of ketchup or 1 gallon of mustard?
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so if in doubt, blame the Jews? I thought this was 2018 not 1938
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Like with Nixon? He resigned, but only after Goldwater told him to go on his own or be led out in handcuffs. Stock Market breathed a sign of relief the crisis was over and climbed.
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Yeah life sucks XD
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"I'm pretty certain I've shown you nothing but civility. "
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Why? You make no effort to do so.
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"To be totally absorbed and focused on what is highest and best is the precise opposite "unhealthy preoccupation." It is the very definition of mental health."

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