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Am appeal to authority is a logical fallacy when it is substituted for an honest response to facts.

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Asian girls fuck videos
Asian girls fuck videos
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Trump has had marital indiscretions in the past. Trump has in the past engaged in locker room talk. Trump's wealth is a magnet for gold diggers, strippers, and porn stars. Trump has been married 3 times. Trump used his wealth to hush his past indiscretions. The GOP already knew Trumps history, yet he was Elected. President Trumps accomplishments in turning around the US economy and taking on the socialist agenda of the left, has proven his commitment to America. President Trump has the best interests of US citizens at heart, not foreign interests or foreign nationals.
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He is looking more pathetic each day. He knows what's coming. He looks very tired lately too. This Greek drama is hard to watch, but Trump has fallen from grace. When evangelicals will get it is the question.

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