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Attempting to conflate murderers with citizens legally exercising their rights displays your inability to engage in a debate logically.

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Hyacinth red ripe width
Hyacinth red ripe width
Hyacinth red ripe width
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Shakagar 06.04.2018
He is absolutely correct, so maybe you should pay attention instead of thinking you know it all. WE DO NOT KNOW what the conditions were when life began. So for you to claim to know what the "probability" was is dishonest and incorrect.
Douhn 11.04.2018
All very interesting ...and not at all having to do with atheism.
Zolorn 13.04.2018
Is his throne at the center of the universe surrounded by marbles?
Mazunris 14.04.2018
His reason was what it celebrated.
Tojalkree 20.04.2018
Ah.. That makes ok then?
Zoloshicage 27.04.2018
She's one of my top 3. The other two are Megan Rain and Krystal Boyd.

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