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So Trump did not reimburse Cohen for the amounts Cohen paid to Daniels and McDougal to keep quiet just before the election?

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Belladonna milk enema and to fuck hard
Belladonna milk enema and to fuck hard
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Yozragore 02.06.2018
He says twice a day and a little extra on Saturday or Sunday. Your choice.
Voodoorr 05.06.2018
Hillary IS in this same spot, and had she been crowned, NONE of this would be going on, to her nor Trump. But she lost and Comey got fired so him and Mueller need to cover up their crimes by exoneration of one by going after the other.
Kigatilar 09.06.2018
"Seems" is a failure to demonstrate a point. Words rarely ever justify violence of any kind, for that we can agree. Those who "riot" are accused and need to be charged and prosecuted if they break the law- just like you or I. I just don't take the leap that anything is going on here except colleges, you are not forced to attend, are making choices they find in their own self interest and students, who pay for their college experience, are doing the same. If that is wrong or right is of no concern to either of us. The laws exist, and if you are the victim of a crime you have a duty to report it, and press for charges. But I suspect neither you or I or anyone else here is an actual victim of a crime of one of these rioters.
Nezilkree 16.06.2018
I am thinking of young children, they will not ask you if Mommy
Samujinn 17.06.2018
"Obsessions" are generally, and in these comments, considered to be an acquired condition.
Masida 19.06.2018
Smiley blocked me several hours ago. Careful, he's not in a good mood and doesn't like being proven wrong!

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