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Ohhhhh Cookie fortunes!!! I live and die by them! hahaha

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Contemporary Theology masturbation
Contemporary Theology masturbation
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I have it in the budget to get a new tractor, is that a upgradable accessory ?
Kagagami 20.03.2018
Reality is fact, truth and definitive, not innuendoes, suppositions, anecdotes and wishful thinking! You can't even point to any definitive evidence and you call it reality??? Shame on you for your baseless and mindless claims!
Zulkigis 24.03.2018
Abuse of children is HIGHER in the Jewish faith, Muslim faith, Evangelical faith, Protestant faith, Mormon faith, fundamentalist faith than in the Catholic faith. Also abuse is statistically higher in high school, college, and most all other secular institutions.
Mujora 25.03.2018
"The devil has absolutely no power and his only desire is to destroy and damn you."
Vogal 05.04.2018
I'm a ne'er do well

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