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I think it fails in trying to create a system of moral values which all atheists should live by. What is the basis for having any sort of code or guidelines to live by? Let's just assume for a second, that maybe I am an aetheist but I simply do not care about trying to be a better person - I just want to make money, have sex, and do drugs. Can I be in your aetheist church? Why or why not?

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Kazikinos 06.07.2018
Lmao...I?m afraid of 2 things in life. Running out of ammo and running out of money, in that order. I?ll eat a Spider depending on the species.
Yozshuk 10.07.2018
Those aren't the words I mentioned. Seize is.
Vujin 13.07.2018
Your nose,'s rather large. Tuna!
Mazuzil 20.07.2018
The government is the authority that approves Marriage. Marriage cannot be granted in their state without their authority. Their Authority is given to them by their electorate. Which is why some jurisdictions permit SSM and why some don't. Its also why Christians are running around screaming their heads off that God is the Authority.
Moogugami 24.07.2018
Who OWNS the rights to his song and its usage.

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