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I think the meaning was that if you have to make an exception then it's because there is a rule. It's more sociology than hard science.

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Nekree 19.05.2018
He f*cked a pornstar and said on tape that he wanted to "grab women by the p*ssy."
Nazuru 28.05.2018
Everybody says it's bad, but my parents were definitely the first to tell me it was a bad word.
Zologal 04.06.2018
The National Anthem didn?t kill nobody so why disrespect it ???+?
Mazilkree 14.06.2018
Coulda been Bernie, I got it wrong the first time, could still be wrong....Nah its The STIG....
Nikorg 23.06.2018
And just to clarify, it does happen in the judo Christian framework... Did you miss the story about the evangelical church from one of the Carolinas that had multiple missions to the Amazon rain forest to convert the animist tribes there?
Ninos 25.06.2018
Unlike Utka I don't support the idea that there are 'far too many people' who support parents who choose to do this to their children.

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