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Oral while on the phone with a guy
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First, as I've already told you how many times? They would have to confirm the existence of this creator, and therefor his ability to do it. Otherwise it is neither logical or reasonable. No I don't rule it out, I just see no evidence it's true. The base of all morality is the ethic of reciprocity, or as you know it, the golden rule, which predates even the Jewish religion. It's most likely source for Jewish and Christian religions, was the Egyptians, who were the nearest culture that expressed it before them. In any event, it's been expressed in multiple cultures, in multiple religions and by multiple philosophers, for far longer. It is, at it's base, the basic expression of human empathy, which is an ability of all humans, to do with our brains development of the ability to imagine concepts. In this case, imagining what we would feel like if we were in the same situations others are. All of what we consider morality today are merely rules we all agree on, that allow men to live peacefully in groups, and the benefits of that are clear to all men, I would hope. Without some form of them, the cavemen would not have survived for us to be here talking about it. Their tribes would have broken up, and alone, man was easy prey for a multitude of better equipped predators. Together, we dominated this world. Even the ten commandments, the ones not just religious in nature have that as their purpose. What happens if you start coveting another's woman, possessions, etc. Pretty soon, there's a conflict between you and someone else, and relatives and friends support one side or the other, and pretty soon, it's Hatfields and McCoys. Not good for the survival of the group. Science nor religion have to tell anyone why they "ought" to believe in it.
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This Gif, funny
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It's ok, it's all good. I can understand not wanting to do that.
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In the States, the discrimination laws don't apply to churches. They are specifically exempted from those laws. There is, however, an exception to the exception where the church is doing something not religion-related: For example, if a church runs a mother's day out program, they're not exempted from the laws for those programs.
Kajijin 17.09.2018
1st of all at least 400 years before Christ Hebrew was not the spoken language of Jews they spoke Greek, Hebrew was a religious language similar to the fact that Catholics use Latin in their religious practice.
Arajas 23.09.2018
lol.. are you trying to get him into mischief.??

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