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If Obama had paid hush money to a porn star to hide affairs before an election and lied about it, Trumpists would have been looking for the next tallest tree or lamppost.

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Bagis 20.03.2018
If you don't believe in the law, sure. But some of us do believe in the law.
Momuro 22.03.2018
Insight implies reasonable reflection and supported theological conclusion, not physiological soup that is receipted to create some personal precised concoction.
Shakagis 26.03.2018
Correlation: When vaccines began to be administered as a matter of course to the vast majority of the population (common method: all kids have to go to school, so as part of the school registration/entry process get all kids vaccinated) these diseases diminished to the point of "eradication". In areas that did not use the vaccines, schools became vectors for local epidemics of the same diseases.
Mooguzilkree 27.03.2018
Your disclaimer is rather late. Who chose the subject line condemning "Church?"
Fern 30.03.2018
You mean the speech that like much of Obama's statements was taken out of context to mean something he never actually said?

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