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I like Supergirl, Gotham and The Flash as far as other super hero shows.

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Sharamar 04.08.2018
No need to be sorry and criticism noted. As for the rest, that is your opinion, and you are entitled to those Brad.
Tuzuru 04.08.2018
So no case law--like I figured.
Vudorr 08.08.2018
I found the interview. Trump said he fired Comey for several reasons. Rosenstein's recommendation for one. Incompetence was the other. Although not stating it as a reason, Comey's leaking of classified information to his college buddy was more than sufficient reason to fire Comey. Nowhere in the interview did I see trump said he fired Comey to stop the investigation. That has to be imagined to implied in his statements. Imagination is not evidence.
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Exactly & what I hear is you will rule, no coexistence & I will
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no, you believe that something was debunked by the NYT because their reporter called the restaurant and asked if it was true and they said no.
Kagasida 29.08.2018
It's also the second favorite sport of conservatives, after NASCAR. They are actively trying to kill one of their own favorite sports and it's hilariously ironic.
Mesida 29.08.2018
Don't get smart. Furthermore, Rush, (yes, he spun the same stinky shit today) Cohen cut a deal and plead guilty. Manafort was found guilty. Others have plead guilty. Facts, they matter, wing nut.
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Good probability that I?m right.

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