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Nope. I'm not the one whining about a mean troll. Who isn't a troll, just somebody who prefers fact to bullshit.

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Search files amature teen
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Zulkicage 15.03.2018
And again a religious person is trying to "polish a turd" to get out of the trap they find themselves in having to justify slavery.
Samuk 16.03.2018, the Bible is wrong and you're right? Sorry, but that's too much for me right now.
Bataur 24.03.2018
You have not presented a single thing that can't be explained by design. So forget about "standard rigor", you're not really even trying to be real about this.
Doushakar 25.03.2018
Actually, it is. It's the primary reason the procedure is legal.
Bracage 30.03.2018! Please stop it! Lol
Aragrel 05.04.2018
Most of them are actually full-time employees. Some of them are even forced to work past their 40 hours on their own dime. You explain to me where that's fair.

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