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Before I regained my composure, John had led me through the lobby and through a door. I stepped into the fanciest bedroom I've ever been in and John half closed the door, explaining that he needed to listen out for the phone at reception.

John stepped to the side of the four poster bed and sat on the side; I stood, half in the room and frozen. John told me to come closer while he removed his tie and suit jacket. As I stepped in front of him, John removed his suit trousers and folded them and placed his clothes carefully on the bed.

John stood in front of me in his shirt, boxers and socks; I suddenly realised how real this was, that I was about to see another guys cock in the flesh for the first time. John told me to "come here" and I stepped forward.

John kissed me again, hungrily and manly; I felt consumed by John's mouth and hands.

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It isn't a matter of BELIEVING in anything. It is a matter of human nature.

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Vigis 25.03.2018
And the Nazis were masters at indoctrinating children. Till the end they were willing to die for Hitler.
Nern 26.03.2018
"nobody said it would be easy."
Tuzragore 29.03.2018
My sister Kaitlyn is someone I look up too.
Fenrirr 02.04.2018
Then he can't. Can he create a more powerful being that will do away with him?
Zulujar 12.04.2018
I seek to avoid suffering. Rational response.
Kajind 21.04.2018
HERE is what SOCIALISM looks like in Scandinavia
JoJomi 30.04.2018
I hope she made it outside first, lol. And I bet it's not that bad...
Nikok 02.05.2018
"Believe first and then He will do it" is pretty much the pattern God Himself set with the Patriarchs, Moses and the Israelites. Abraham believed God's promise of a son, it was reckoned to him as righteousness, and then God fulfilled his promise through Isaac. The Israelites rejected that God was going to bring them safe and triumphant into the Promised Land, so He condemned them to wander the wilderness for 40 years. Numerous judges, prophets and heroes were expected to trust God first, and then see Him intervene. Then the Jews rejected that Jesus was the promised Messiah, so God sent the Romans to destroy the Temple and the city 40 years later.
Samusida 06.05.2018
Nah - the Gnostic Gospels consider the resurrection to be a spiritual one - not a physical one. They got it right.

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