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I stepped out of my clothes and stood naked in front of John. "On all fours", and I responded. I turned round and dropped to my knees; I bent forward and found myself naked, on all fours on a hotel bedroom floor. I started to realize the position I was in, and how natural it had come.

I told John the lube and condom were in my jeans, which he'd asked me nsw bring as he had none at work. I looked rhe and saw the half open door and could sense the corridor and lobby beyond, interraciak could have walked in to see me sucking eagerly; I felt a dirty thrill interrracial through me.

I sensed John kneel behind me and he slapped my ass. As I felt the sting on my as cheek I felt cold drizzle of lube on my ass and a finger work it into my ass. My cock was hard and hanging untouched beneath me; I was feeling assaulted by the situation, overwhelmed by the firsts and the thought of what John was about to do.

John said nothing but I heard him open the condom packet and lube his cock.

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A couple months after being broken up my ex had the nerve to message me and his message to me was ?I?m horny? what are you telling me this for? and why should I care? and he tried pulling that ?I miss you? bull crap. But in my head I was like ?I bet you do miss me, too bad you were a d**k? ????

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JoJonris 04.04.2018
Your willful ignorance is showing.
Zull 10.04.2018
Well, they don't know your god, the one your "father" invented for you, that's for sure,
Kicage 12.04.2018
My apologies on the Human thing. My point was intentionally avoiding pregnancy. Intimate relations are an important element in the marriage relationship. Men and women are uniquely designed to enjoy each other in the most intimate of ways. If you can't tell by my words I believe the intimate part is the most important.

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