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Fear is the lack of Faith in God - so, essentially, even though you say you don't 'fear god' you, actually, fear your lacking to be seen or accepted by that God that you claim to love, but, ultimately, your fears come from within the process that has been provided to you by your religious leaders.

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Teen pink miniskirt teen
Teen pink miniskirt teen
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Mazujar 26.04.2018
Nice try Sammie...try learning about 'burden of proof'...
Vitaur 03.05.2018
And were you? You can't tell from your posts.
Vutaxe 08.05.2018
Where did I go wrong? :)
Goltik 09.05.2018
Correct just like not all bank robbers are the same. All religions make claims that either can not or have not been demonstrated. From an outsiders views why pick any religion.
Tak 13.05.2018
I disagree. He is saying we are the ?channel captain?, the most important part of the World?s commerce, treat us fairly. An American President is required to aim his loyalty at Americans not foriegn citizens. It is his obligation to get as good a trade deal as he can so your children and mine might have a secure future. Quite simple really.
Dailabar 23.05.2018
A species does not "turn" into another species. There is a very gradual divergence until there are groups which cannot interbreed, another species.
Vushakar 01.06.2018
How easily I fall for someone ?? I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Vule 08.06.2018
Though we were commenting on marraiges.

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