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Yes, its just a coincidence European genetics showed up on earth 6000 years ago, the same time the bible says God created Adam and Eve.

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Small blinking moviess
Small blinking moviess
Small blinking moviess
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Mikasida 24.07.2018
It would be cool, then you could talk to two people in my family.
Tulrajas 25.07.2018
You want to shut up, then do it yourself, f*ing ego-maniac. The subject is the reality of theism in Christianity, in particular, not your fantasy about sky-daddy fantasies. You want it cut and dried for your anti-theism, then go find a Science site where the subject isn?t RELIGION, prayer, and how Christians made modern Science possible through their relationship to God through Jesus in all that empirical epistemology of the History of Christianity. Too bad for your rockhead mechanistic Universe.
Nikolabar 29.07.2018
Yes ...bring on the deep state Mueller ..
Shaktijinn 08.08.2018
yes, fear-mongering is a sign of manipulation.
Nishura 10.08.2018
sure , and all the Socialists want to to RAPE em for all they are worth. but even the EU socialists were SMARTER that Obama - THEY lowered corp tax rates so they could beat us YEARS ago...
JoJobar 15.08.2018
Where is the hate?
Brajin 25.08.2018
Yes I do. he was a good Bruce Wayne in the Nolan Batman Films
Fenrizilkree 28.08.2018
Time to play block the troll Loretta. Your posts do not even make sense. Bye!
Vuzahn 02.09.2018
You still don't get it. Nothing happens for a reason, there is no such thing as gods will, everything happens because of something that caused it to happen. Everything happens because of a reason, nor for a reason.
Brakus 09.09.2018
Thank you, Daniel, for your excellent description of reality. We are definitely on the same page there. I've always thought that Mother Nature was more accurate because it's obviously just a concept, and no one assumes you are referring to some sky mommy.

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