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John pulled back and started to fuck my ass, harder and faster. Slapping my ass, I had difficultly staying on all fours and I sank face first into the carpet. With my ass arched, John took a firm grip and rode my ass. I ended up face first on the floor with my cock pinned against me.

John straddled my legs and fucked harder and faster; his breath came faster and louder. Suddenly John, with his hands on my back and shoulders, thrust his cock balls deep into me and cry "yeh". I lay there, pinned under John and with his cock in me. John stood up and his cock pulled out of my ass; leaving it stretched, sore and I started to try to take in all the sensations of my first suck and fuck.

As John headed to the bathroom, I felt a warmth ooze from my ass; I immediately thought I'd bled at being stretched. I reached back and felt the liquid coming from my ass and I realized John had just ridden my bareback and dumped his cum in my ass.

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Ladies with stretched assholes
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