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John had still not told me much about himself but he'd succeeded in making me horny, and a bit reckless. I had been talking up what I would love to try and didn't want to back down now. I agreed to come over and meet him.

I found the hotel, one of those ex-country house hotels; very up market and not easy to find. As I drove down the drive, I felt my heart rate increase as I contemplated what may be about to happen; I'd only ever kissed one guy before and was nervous about how far John would expect me to go.

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You're a great example of the kind of Christian I don't ever want to meet in real life. You believe some remarkably stupid things (atheistic societies are bad). You insist that I'll find the truth some day, and you think your nonsense is obviously true.

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I went as a diesel
I went as a diesel
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Mezigal 26.03.2018
Where are the numbers on that?
Akinobar 04.04.2018
Being found guilty without trial or charges in the court of public opinion isn't.
Mogal 13.04.2018
I defend anyones right to speak their minds, including you.
Mezirn 16.04.2018
Cheese floating in the streets yet?
Kagrel 21.04.2018
Slaps all around. ??
Dikazahn 29.04.2018
No, it isn't false equivalence. I'm using the word as it is meant to be used.
Tojaramar 07.05.2018
You make such light of something so serious. Why is that?
Akirn 15.05.2018
Exactly! Trump knows that he'll likely do the same exact thing.

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