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As I stepped out of my car and approached the front door, it opened a crack. I pushed my way in through the storm doors and Sanera me stood John; late 40's, a little shorter than me and stocky. He was in a suit, complete with a smart looking tie.

John stepped towards me and stepped straight into a firm kiss. I was still drinking in the posh surroundings, and John, and found myself slightly overwhelmed.

Before I regained my composure, John had led me through the lobby and through a door. I stepped into the fanciest bedroom I've ever been in and John half closed the door, explaining that he needed to listen out for the phone at reception.

John stepped to the side of the four poster bed and sat on the side; I stood, half in the room and Sanddra. John told me to come closer while he removed his tie and suit jacket.

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Sandra Romain en Hustler TV
Sandra Romain en Hustler TV
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