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What conditions required for DNA methylation and protein gradients occur in nature? Again, if you reverse engineer things you begin to see in a micro evolutionary scale how things work (see my comment elsewhere regarding DNA helicase where the mechanism of cellular nanomachine that spins 8000-10000 rpm has been worked out--at least the fundamentals). I point you to the seminal work of 'evolution from basic building blocks' in which hydrogen, ammonia and methane were combined under the right conditions and then charged with electricity to mimic lightening. A very small amount of amino acid was produced in this 'primordial soup' and hailed as proof that at least a small amount of AA could be produced under the right conditions 'spontaneously'. Since then science has essentially ruled out any era of Earth's history that came close to meeting those conditions. Sure trace amounts of AA have been found extraterrestrially but there is no scientific explanation yet to have the concentrations to assemble into more complex molecules, let alone things like functional enzymes required for life as we know it.

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Okay, but relevance?
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What about Matt 5:13
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I am with you on those definitions. Could you point out any verifiable examples of miraculous events?
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Science had determined nothing about nothing.

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