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The government is the authority that approves Marriage. Marriage cannot be granted in their state without their authority. Their Authority is given to them by their electorate. Which is why some jurisdictions permit SSM and why some don't. Its also why Christians are running around screaming their heads off that God is the Authority.

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Ladyboy shoots audacity
Ladyboy shoots audacity
Ladyboy shoots audacity
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Kazrakinos 18.03.2018
Wow! Over dramatize much? Does that make you feel like you're correct when making up stuff when you exarate?
Dataxe 22.03.2018
Frankly, I am not proposing "theories." I am laying out the quite central issue of appropriate Epistemological context of the issues like the knowledge by Physicists, and its inappropriate use beyond that scope. Just as Einstein and Hawkings, and now Dawkins and the rest, demonstrate the problem of crossing disciplinary lines based on distorted overconfidence, pretensions, and most essential of all being negligently ill-informed about the subject matter outside their scientific specialty.
Danos 27.03.2018
Girl he is the blazin asian
Zunris 01.04.2018
too cute :D
Meztigor 08.04.2018
It went "up" at one time and will not come "down".

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