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The Democrats have been silent about the accusations Keith Ellison is facing. Evidence of John Conyers sexual harassment( meeting young female interns in his underwear) surfaced and Nancy Pelosi called him an ICON!

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Zoloramar 20.03.2018
No, I am not being dishonest. As your blurb points out it has acquired many different meanings.
Kejinn 21.03.2018
I'm so sorry! That's why I'm just staying with who I have ,or living separately. I don't want to deal with that kind of crap.
Bagis 22.03.2018
Hey! I never got those seeds you said you were going to send to me!
Nakus 01.04.2018
Not actually correct. My mind is made up from the facts already available. Your name calling indicates your level of maturity and is flagged.
Mejar 06.04.2018
That?s a due process issue, not a free speech issue. Someone is generally entitled to due process before being expelled from a program, being subject to professional discipline, etc.
Dubei 06.04.2018
I suggest nothing different than God. I fully accept that every word in the Bible was inspired by God and written by men. I believe that everything written was what the writer believed. Men however are not God.
Tutilar 11.04.2018
Right? There are places where you can run for office if you are a N*zi racist, but an atheist? No sir, we can?t be a?having that.

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