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I reached up and grasped John's cock to gain some control and started to suck my first cock. After a few minutes, I started to develop a rhythm and began to enjoy the taste of this hard 6 inch cock which I had my lips wrapped around.

Suddenly I felt my head pulled from this cock and I was returned to my feet. The suddenness had my head spinning. John unbuttoned my jeans and ran his hands down inside and over my butt, pushing my jeans and boxers down.

I stepped out of my clothes and stood naked in front of John. "On all fours", and I responded. I turned round and dropped to my knees; I bent forward and found myself naked, on all fours on a hotel bedroom floor.

I started to realize the position I was in, and how natural it had come. I told John the lube and condom were in my jeans, which he'd asked me to bring as he had none at work.

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Masturbation mature masturbation movie secretary
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